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  *精* | 精* | *精
essence / extract / vitality / energy / semen / sperm / mythical goblin spirit / highly perfected / elite / the pick of sth / proficient (refined ability) / extremely (fine) / selected rice (archaic)
  *饭* | 饭* | *饭
food / cuisine / cooked rice / meal / CL: , 頓|顿
Lantern Festival / night of the 15th of the first lunar month / see also 元夜 / sticky rice dumplings
  *卢* | 卢* | *卢
(old) rice vessel / black / old variant of 廬|庐 / (slang) (Tw) troublesome / fussy
  *米* | 米* | *米
rice / CL: / meter (classifier)
(cooked) rice
  *稻* | 稻* | *稻
paddy / rice (Oryza sativa)
coarse rice / coarse (of food)
grain (of rice) / granule
rice cooker
rice / paddy / CL:
rice straw
  *糯* | 糯* | *糯
glutinous rice / sticky rice
boiled balls of glutinous rice flour, eaten during the Lantern Festival
  *粽* | 粽* | *粽
rice dumplings wrapped in leaves
rice bowl / fig. livelihood / job / way of making a living
rice-flour noodles
onigiri (Japanese rice-ball snack)
paddy field / rice paddy
  *糜* | 糜* | *糜
rice gruel / rotten / to waste (money)
rice crops
electric rice cooker
rice and noodles / rice flour / rice-flour noodles
sake (Japanese rice wine)
  *酒* | 酒* | *酒
wine (esp. rice wine) / liquor / spirits / alcoholic beverage / CL: , , , ,
guoba (scorched rice at the bottom of the pan)
rice tub (from which cooked rice or other food is served) / (fig.) fathead / a good-for-nothing
Rice (name) / Condoleezza Rice (1954-) US Secretary of State 2005-2009
plain cooked rice / rice with nothing to go with it
(polished) rice
  *甑* | 甑* | *甑
cauldron / rice pot
transplant rice seedlings
rice noodles in wide strips
coarse rice / uncooked rice
bamboo basket for rice-washing
unfiltered rice wine
  *箪* | 箪* | *箪
round basket for cooked rice
lit. big rice pan / communal feeding / fig. egalitarianism (equal treatment for everyone in same institution)
kind of dumpling / sticky rice ball
early season rice / rice at transplanting or still unripe
rice noodle roll, a roll made from sheets of rice flour dough, steamed and stuffed with meat, vegetables etc
(lit.) land of fish and rice / (fig.) fertile region / land of milk and honey
rice with meat and vegetables
rice flour / rice-flour noodles
Laba congee, ceremonial rice porridge dish eaten on the 8th day of the 12th month in the Chinese calendar
glutinous rice flour
plain rice congee
seedling (of rice or other grain) / CL:
  *粳* | 粳* | *粳
round-grained nonglutinous rice (Japonica rice) / Taiwan pr. [geng1]
refined rice
fried rice / millet stir-fried in butter
Rice University (Houston, Texas)
genmaicha / Japanese tea with added roasted brown rice
  *粿* | 粿* | *粿
rice cake (typically made with glutinous rice flour and steamed)
(husked) rice
refined grain (rice, wheat etc)
gimbap (Korean rice roll similar in appearance to sushi) / kimbap
rice husk
polished glutinous rice
to stir-fry leftover rice / fig. to rehash the same story / to serve up the same old product
Laba rice porridge festival, on the 8th day of the 12th lunar month
long-grained non-glutinous rice (Tw)
to rinse rice
  *泔* | 泔* | *泔
slop from rinsing rice
brewer's yeast / yeast for fermenting rice wine
sticky rice / short-grain rice / Oryza sativa var. japonica / also written 黏米
  *粝* | 粝* | *粝
coarse rice
rice dishes (on menu)
Yusho disease or Yu-cheng disease, mass poisoning caused by rice bran oil in northern Kyushu, Japan (1968), and in Taiwan (1979)
glutinous rice and choice of filling wrapped in leaves and boiled
grain crops other than rice and wheat
glutinous rice / Oryza sativa var. glutinosa
chicken in rice wine / also translated drunken chicken
five crops, e.g. millet , soybean , sesame , barley 麥|麦, rice or other variants / all crops / all grains / oats, peas, beans and barley
abbr. for 生米煮成熟飯|生米煮成熟饭, lit. the raw rice is now cooked (idiom); fig. it is done and can't be changed / It's too late to change anything now.
brown rice
semi-polished rice (i.e. rice minus the husk, but including the germ)
rice in gravy, typically with meat and vegetables
main food / staple (rice and noodles)
grain of rice / granule
fried glutinous rice dough cake
  *粻* | 粻* | *粻
food / white cooked rice
water bamboo / wild rice shoots
rice (crop)
fried rice / (slang) (Tw) to have sex
puffed rice / popcorn
secure employment (lit. iron rice bowl)
lit. the raw rice is now cooked (idiom); fig. it is done and can't be changed / It's too late to change anything now. / also written 生米煮成熟飯|生米煮成熟饭
polished round-grained nonglutinous rice (Japonica rice)
gramineae (family including bamboo, cereals, rice)
sweet fermented rice / glutinous rice wine
glutinous rice cake / CL: 塊|块
rice milling machine
rice flour meat
the rice is cooked / what's done is done / it's too late to change anything now (idiom)
rice au gratin
rice ear
paddy field / rice paddy
rice cultivation
half cooked rice / (fig.) half-finished job that is difficult to complete because it was not done properly in the first instance / Taiwan pr. [jia4 sheng5 fan4]

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