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harmless / innocuous / lit. not poisonous
without any sense of shame / unembarrassed / shameless
unique and unmatched (idiom); unrivalled / nothing compares with it
without cause or reason
variable / changeable / fickle / impermanence (Sanskrit: anitya) / ghost taking away the soul after death / to pass away / to die
to live together in harmony
to have nothing to say (idiom)
sterile / aseptic
unhelpful / useless
sugar free
noiseless / noiselessly / silent
dull / vapid / colorless
to remain silent / to have nothing to say / (coll.) speechless / dumbfounded
without inconvenience / unimpeded / unhindered / unobstructed / unfettered / unhampered
incomparable / matchless
not valid / ineffective / in vain
endless / boundless / infinite
impotent (idiom) / powerless / helpless
expressionless / wooden (expression) / blank (face)
ring finger
dull / insipid
as far as the eye can see (idiom)
Wuwei county in Chaohu 巢湖, Anhui
the Daoist doctrine of inaction / let things take their own course / laissez-faire
to have no alternative (idiom)
dispirited and downcast (idiom); listless / in low spirits / washed out
No Child Left Behind Act, USA 2001
young and inexperienced / unsophisticated
lost property without a claimant (law)
leaving a rich aftertaste / (fig.) memorable / lingering in memory
not alone but in pairs (idiom, usually derog.); not a unique occurrence / it's not the only case
Nanchang district of Wuxi city 無錫市|无锡市, Jiangsu
have no way out / have no alternative / abbr. to 無奈|无奈
extremely (pleased, grateful etc)
to work to no avail (idiom)
not in the least inferior (idiom)
unable to turn around a hopeless situation (idiom) / to fail to save the situation
the bottomless pit (Hell in the Bible) / pitless (elevator)
to return without any achievement (idiom); to go home with one's tail between one's legs
need not / not obliged to / not necessarily
for no reason
to be duty bound / to be one's unshrinkable responsibility
extremely vast / boundless / limitless / digressing / discursive / going off on tangents / straying far off topic
flawless / immaculate / perfect
to have or have not / surplus and shortfall / tangible and intangible / corporeal and incorporeal
drone / unmanned aerial vehicle
utterly fearless
all the time / incessantly
(literary) I trust you have been well since we last met
to make trouble out of nothing
to blab / to shoot one's mouth off / to commit a gaffe
no trumps (in card games)
not even enough land to stand an awl (idiom); absolutely destitute
without reservation / not holding anything back / unconditional
to be invincible / unrivalled
No wonder! / not surprising
to meet again at unspecified date / meeting postponed indefinitely
to act shamelessly / to behave in a way that leaves others tut-tutting and shaking their heads in disapproval
ceaseless; endless (idiom)
not excluding anything / all-inclusive
Heaven never bars one's way (idiom); don't despair and you will find a way through. / Never give up hope. / Never say die.
not yet / not so far
unlicensed business activity
safe and sound
to win without a fight (idiom)
cold-hearted / unfeeling / callous
neither for nor against sth / indifferent
unlicensed / unlabeled (goods)
to lay bare / to come to light
tomb of the unknown soldier
incorporeal / virtual / formless / invisible (assets) / intangible
to have no other use or purpose (idiom)
extravagance / extravagant
to go back on one's word / to break one's promise / to be unfaithful / to be untrustworthy
without boundary / not bordered
to be unable to find a place to stay (idiom)
at a loss to know what to do (idiom); bewildered
lit. you plant a garden and the flowers do not bloom, you poke a stick in the mud and it grows into a tree / fig. things do not always turn out as one would expect / well-laid plans may fail, and success may come where you least expect it
insignificant soldier (idiom) / a nobody / nonentity
unrivaled (idiom); world number one / unique / unequaled
to have no news whatever
not to shrink from any crime (idiom); to commit any imaginable misdeed
not be without some advantage / be of some help
wireless network
a flower may blossom again, but a person cannot get young again (proverb)
to extend all over the globe (idiom) / far-reaching
totally unaffected / unimpressed
has eyes but can't see (idiom); unable or unwilling to see the importance of sth / blind (to sth great)
to have no right / to have no authority
not having to worry about food and clothes (idiom) / provided with the basic necessities
cannot be doubted (idiom)
Preparedness averts peril. / to be prepared, just in case (idiom)
Wudi county in Binzhou 濱州|滨州, Shandong
to have a clear conscience

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