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not to have / without / un-
seat belt / safety belt
  *帯* | 帯* | *帯
Japanese variant of 帶|带
(slang) (Tw) to bring bad luck
shoelace / CL: , 雙|双
(do sth) in passing / incidentally (while doing sth else)
belt / sash / attire (clothes and belt)
band of a spectrum
take-out (fast food) / (outer part of) tire / as well / besides / into the bargain / outer zone
blue lace flower (Trachymene caerulea)
to look unwell
to spur / to provide impetus / to drive
Curse of the Golden Flower (2007), period drama movie by Zhang Yimou
Gaza / same as 加沙地帶|加沙地带, the Gaza strip
to kick and beat (idiom)
conveyor belt / transmission belt
suspenders (for stockings)
Gaza strip
tropical storm
paper tape / ticker tape / paper streamer
gray area
(bird species of China) Asian paradise flycatcher (Terpsiphone paradisi) / also called 壽帶|寿带
to take along with one
to take the lead / to be the first / to set an example
to close the door
braces / suspenders / sling (for a rifle) / straps (for a knapsack)
intertidal zone
to pass on experience (to the next generation)
subtropical (zone or climate)
in hemp cloth and with a leather belt / poorly dressed
virgin tropical rainforest
the Tropics
to carry along / portable
temperate zone
median strip / central reservation (on a divided road)
belly band
Opportunity brings success. (idiom)
ribbonfish / hairtail / beltfish / cutlassfish (family Trichiuridae)
Epinephelus septemfasciatus
weight belt
lit. wading in mud and water / a slovenly job / sloppy
Dailing district of Yichun city 伊春市, Heilongjiang
cable ties / zip ties
rewind (media player)
(disease) carrier
conveyor belt
official class / intellectual class (idiom)
favoritism shown to sb because of the influence of the person's wife or other female relative / (by extension) favoritism towards relatives, friends or associates
to be related / to entail / to involve / joint (liability etc)
volcanic belt
video cassette / CL: 盤|盘
variant of 披星戴月
paid leave
Benioff zone (geology) / also called Wadati-Benioff zone
supporting a wife and children / dragged down by having a family to feed
to carry within it / to be mixed in / to slip sth in / to intersperse / (hydrology etc) to entrain / to smuggle / notes smuggled into an exam
umbilical cord
videotape (Tw) / CL: 盤|盘
student who has returned from overseas but is yet to find a job (pun on 海帶|海带) / cf. 海歸|海归
to bear the burden of a household (idiom); encumbered by a family / tied down by family obligations
to lead the way / to guide / to show the way / fig. to instruct
frequency range / bandwidth
half-track (vehicle with both wheels and caterpillar treads)
dragged down by having a family to feed
the Kuiper belt (in the outer reaches of the Solar system)
wakame (Undaria pinnatifida), an edible seaweed
pushing and pulling (idiom)
mixed fraction / mixed number (i.e. with an integer part and a fraction part, e.g. four and three quarters) / see also: improper fraction 假分數|假分数 and proper fraction 真分數|真分数
vocal cords / vocal folds / (motion picture) soundtrack
to skate around / to skip over / to skimp
to guide / to lead
to bring / to bring about / to produce
zone / CL: 個|个
collateral damage (both as a legal term, and as a military euphemism)
to carry / to take away
to lead troops
a caterpillar track vehicle
to wear mourning clothes / to be in mourning / also written 披麻戴孝
proper fraction (with numerator < denominator, e.g. five sevenths) / see also: improper fraction 假分數|假分数 and mixed number 帶分數|带分数
chastity belt
halter top / spaghetti strap top / sun top
lit. like raindrops on a pear blossom (idiom) / fig. tear-stained face of a beauty
sling (for immobilizing an injured limb etc)
inner tube (of tire)
to receive one's regular salary (while on vacation, study leave etc) / paid (leave) / on full pay
(vehicle) tire
carbonated (drink) / sparkling (mineral water) / to display annoyance / to be dissatisfied
a guide / fig. instructor
plaster cast
ribbon (as a decoration) / cordon (diagonal belt worn as a sign of office or honor)
belt (in trousers) / CL:
supplementary / incidentally / in parentheses / by chance / in passing / additionally / secondary / subsidiary / to attach
to run quickly / to rush / to gallop
audio tape

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