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suppression / repression / to suppress / to put down / to quell
decompression schedule (diving) / also called 減壓程序|减压程序
systolic blood pressure
variant of 押寶|押宝
to pressure
money given to children as new year present
pressure on a drill bit
to compress
to constrain or repress emotions / oppressive / stifling / depressing / repression
to crush
high pressure / bearing a heavy weight
to oppress / to repress / to constrict / oppression / stress (physics)
piezoelectricity (physics)
variant of 紓壓|纾压
to pressurize / to pile on pressure
acrylic (loanword) / see also 亞克力|亚克力
to boost the pressure (of a fluid) / to boost (or step up) the voltage
it's always good to have more skills (idiom)
atmospheric pressure / barometric pressure
constant pressure / equal pressure
antihypertensive drug
isallobar (line of equal pressure gradient)
high tension power line
decompression sickness / the bends / also 減壓症|减压症
hydraulic pressure
to alleviate stress
to squeeze / to press / to extrude
to reduce the pressure (of a fluid) / to lower one's blood pressure / to lower (or step down) the voltage
to rhyme / sometimes written 壓韻|压韵
pressure cooker
atmospheric pressure
isobar (line of equal pressure)
high-handed (measures) / with a heavy hand
vasopressor agent / antihypotensive agent (medicine)
from the start / absolutely / entirely / simply
pressure cooker
pressure (as measured)
mold pressing
high blood pressure / hypertension
(coll.) sleep paralysis
  *压* | 压* | *压
to press / to push down / to keep under (control) / pressure
  *压* | 压* | *压
  *圧* | 圧* | *圧
Japanese variant of 壓|压
variant of 押車|押车
French press / press pot
garlic press
white coat hypertension / white coat syndrome
compression ratio
to hold the attention of an audience / to serve as the finale to a show
pressure (physics)
decompression (in digital technology) / to extract data from a compressed file
vise jaw / press board (machine) / see-saw
diastolic blood pressure
to simplify and condense (a text) / abridged
low pressure / depression (meteorology)
compression loss (in digital technology)
to bring up the rear / to provide support / to hold the lines
to extrude
to help out
crushproof / unbreakable / indomitable
water pressure
to press down / to crush down / to restrain (anger) / to keep down (voice)
to suppress / to beat down
blood pressure meter / sphygmomanometer
to crush and bury
diastolic blood pressure
to emboss / coining / knurling
pressure crease / fig. to toil for sb else's benefit / line ball (i.e. on the line)
(jocularly) to be under great pressure (a pun on 亞歷山大|亚历山大)
acrylic (loanword) / see also 壓克力|压克力
to crush or compact by means of a roller
pressure chamber / pressurized cauldron
blood pressure
last item on a show / grand finale
to press / to push (a button)
pressure gauge / manometer / piezometer
to decompress / decompression (esp. computer)
to stamp / to press (sheet metal) / Taiwan pr. [chong1 ya1]
low blood pressure
to cause sth to collapse under the weight / (fig.) to overwhelm
high voltage
decompression schedule
  *厂* | 厂* | *厂
"cliff" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 27), occurring in , , etc
to resist pressure or stress / pressure-resistant
pyramid scheme
variant of 押韻|押韵
intraocular pressure
acupressure / shiatsu
ground pressure
lit. strong dragon cannot repress a snake (idiom); fig. a local gangster who is above the law
to abuse power to crush the law
forming a dense mass

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