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to cut
to castrate / fig. to emasculate
to get trampled on (idiom) / to be taken advantage of
cosecant (of angle), written cosec θ or csc θ
to feel as if having one's heart cut out (idiom) / to be torn with grief
(network) cutover / (system) migration
to part with sth cherished / to forsake
secant line (math.)
to cut off / to sever
to cut up / to break up
delivery (commerce)
to cede / cession
to set up an independent regime / to secede / segmentation / division / fragmentation
inalienable / unalienable / inseparable / indivisible
mow grass
combine / harvester
lawn mower (machine)
to gash / to cut / gash / cut
to amputate / to excise (cut out)
to give up / to part with
to slaughter / (fig.) to ride roughshod over / to take advantage of (others)
to cut apart / to sever / to separate / to isolate
to cut off
secant (of angle), written sec θ
  *割* | 割* | *割
to cut / to cut apart
to resign oneself to part with what one treasures
to discard / to abandon / to give (sth) up
to rip one's robe as a sign of repudiating a sworn brotherhood (idiom) / to break all friendly ties
partition (computing)
hyperbolic cosecant, i.e. function cosech(x)
to circumcise
golden ratio / golden section
to harvest / to reap / to gather in crops
see 刈包
lit. why use a pole-ax to slaughter a chicken? (idiom) / fig. to waste effort on a trifling matter / also written 殺雞焉用牛刀|杀鸡焉用牛刀
to cut using oxyacetylene torch
to cut flesh from one's thigh to nourish a sick parent (idiom) / filial thigh-cutting

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