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pimple / comedo / blackhead / acne
piercing / cutting / bone-chilling / penetrating (cold)
spur (on riding boots)
spur / bony outgrowth
to sprint / to spurt / to dash / big effort
to stab / to attack with knife
to find fault
false acacia / Robinia pseudoacacia
bayonet charge
talk nicely and avoid disputes / give compliments and not remarks
lung irritant
medical puncture to extract bodily fluid (a tap) / body piercing / puncture
stab of pain / sting / fig. stimulus to action / a prick
to puncture / to pierce
growth hormone
bone chilling wind (idiom)
horse spur
to dazzle / to offend the eyes / dazzling / harsh (light) / crude (colors) / unsightly
a thorn in one's eye / fig. a thorn in one's flesh
to hit with a piercing blow
gaudy / glaring / unpleasant to the eyes
to stab / to hack
thrilling / exciting / stimulating / irritating / provocative / pungent / spicy
hidden barbs in one's words / hostile subtext
provincial governor (old)
to assassinate / (military) to fight with a bayonet / (baseball) to put out (a baserunner)
nematocyst / capsule of nettle cells of medusa or anemone
to puncture / to pierce
to provoke / to irritate / to upset / to stimulate / to excite / irritant
to assail the nostrils / acrid / pungent
thorny / (fig.) barbed / sarcastic
to pry into / to spy on / to probe into
venomous sting
erhua variant of 挑毛剔刺
to ridicule / to mock
barbed wire
Chinese juniper
sea holly (Eryngium maritimum)
to stab to death
visiting card / name card
lit. with his head attached to a beam and stabbing his thigh with an awl (idiom) / fig. to study assiduously and tirelessly
to stab
feeling brambles and thorns in one's back (idiom) / uneasy and nervous / to be on pins and needles
to be attacked by an assassin
to satirize / to mock / irony / satire / sarcasm
to tattoo
to plot to assassinate
amniocentesis (used in Taiwan)
to carp / nitpicking / petty criticism
  *刺* | 刺* | *刺
(onom.) whoosh
  *刺* | 刺* | *刺
thorn / sting / thrust / to prick / to pierce / to stab / to assassinate / to murder
assassin / murderer
to stab from hiding
irritant agent
to tattoo
an awkward person / a difficult person to deal with
  *刾* | 刾* | *刾
old variant of
to embroider / embroidery
Acanthorhodeus tonkinensis Vaillant (small carp)
Acanthorhodeus chankaensis (small carp)
acne / spots
to study assiduously and tirelessly (idiom) / see also 頭懸梁錐刺股|头悬梁锥刺股
cnidocyte / nettle cell of medusa
king trumpet mushroom (Pleurotus eryngii)
Cnidaria (animal phylum including jellyfish and sessile polyps)
acupuncture anesthesia
Cnidaria (animal phylum including jellyfish and sessile polyps)
to prick with a needle / to treat by acupuncture
prickly amaranth (Amaranthus spinosus)
lancing pain
variant of 刺激, to irritate / stimulus
cnidocyte / nettle cell of medusa or anemone
splash (of a fish)
to pick out the bones in a fish
barb / whiskers
manyprickle (Acanthopanax senticosus), root used in TCM
a thorn / fig. to ridicule sb / fig. sth wrong
bayonet practice in pairs
to assassinate / to commit a murder
biting words / stinging words
to talk incessantly / to chatter on and on
Indian coral tree / sunshine tree / tiger's claw / Erythrina variegata (botany)
to skewer / to impale / to pierce through
bayonet charge
barb / barbed tip (e.g. of fishhook)
a thorn in one's flesh
pins and needles (in muscle) / paresthesia
to find fault / to carp / nitpicking

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