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content / substance / details / CL: 個|个, 項|项
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *内* | 内* | *内
inside / inner / internal / within / interior
domestic / internal (to a country) / civil
within / less than
interior / inside (part, section) / internal
undergarment / underwear / CL:
heart / innermost being
Inner Mongolia / abbr. for 內蒙古自治區|内蒙古自治区, Inner Mongolia autonomous region
domestic and international / at home and abroad
inside and outside / domestic and foreign / approximately / about
within the body / in vivo (vs in vitro) / internal to
inside the city
during the current year
underpants / panties / briefs
built-in / internal
mainland China (PRC excluding Hong Kong and Macau, but including islands such as Hainan) / Japan (used in Taiwan during Japanese colonization)
inland / interior / hinterland
inside / within
inside story / non-public information / behind the scenes / internal
meaning / content / essential properties implied or reflected by a notion / intention / connotation / self-possessed
Xiaonei (Chinese social network website)
on-campus / intramural
intrinsic / innate
interior decor
within the borders / internal (to a country, province, city etc) / domestic
endocrine (internal secretion, e.g. hormone)
Hohhot prefecture level city, capital of Inner Mongolia autonomous region 內蒙古自治區|内蒙古自治区
in a few days / one of these days
interior design
Inner Mongolia or Inner Mongolia autonomous region 內蒙古自治區|内蒙古自治区
domestic demand
domestic and international / at home and abroad
reserved (personality) / introverted / (economics etc) domestic-oriented
kernel (computer science)
close circle / community / (esp.) the show business milieu
Neijiang prefecture level city in Sichuan
internal organs / viscera
inner membrane
Inner Mongolia autonomous region, abbr. 內蒙古|内蒙古, capital Hohhot 呼和浩特市
civil war
internal structure / internal composition
internal diameter
Geneva, Switzerland
guilty conscience / to feel a twinge of guilt
within the party (esp. Chinese communist party)
lining (of a container etc) (engineering)
Donxing district of Neijiang city 內江市|内江市, Sichuan / Dongxing county level city in Fangchenggang 防城港, Guangxi
filled with / internal decoration / installed inside
inland / interior
inner / internal
Hohhot prefecture level city, capital of Inner Mongolia autonomous region 內蒙古自治區|内蒙古自治区
Tanei township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan
internal affairs (of a country)
inside story / inside information
abbr. for 黃帝內經|黄帝内经, Yellow Emperor's Internal Canon, medical text c. 300 BC
internal affairs / domestic affairs / family affairs / (trad.) affairs within the palace
within the period of validity / before the sell-by date
gross domestic product (GDP)
Hanoi, capital of Vietnam
internal reference (within the same publication)
Longchang county in Neijiang 內江|内江, Sichuan
internal / national / domestic (policy)
my wife (humble)
to select sb for a position without announcing the decision until later / to decide behind closed doors / all cut and dried
internal layer
internal energy
Content Management System (CMS) (Internet)
Yellow Emperor's Internal Canon, medical text c. 300 BC
included / within that
internal combustion engine
internal disorder / civil strife / civil unrest
the whole world / throughout the land / everything under the sun
Neijiang prefecture level city in Sichuan
indoors / within the home
internal medicine
internal strife
expert / adept / experienced / an expert / a professional
insider trading / insider dealing
(med.) endothelium / thin skin on the inside of some fruits (e.g. oranges)
Weiyuan county in Neijiang 內江|内江, Sichuan
internalization / to internalize
within and without the borders / domestic and foreign / home and abroad
internal trouble and outside aggression (idiom); in a mess both domestically and abroad
interior decorating
one's job or duty / within one's remit
internal contradiction
Nevada, US state
Neixiang county in Nanyang 南陽|南阳, Henan

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