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WordPress plugin

Do you blog about China or Chinese using WordPress?
Tired of linking all those Chinese words to an online dictionary?
MDBG now offers a free WordPress plugin to make your life easier!

The plugin offers the following options (all of which can be enabled / disabled individually):

  • Automatically link all Chinese characters in blog posts and / or comments to the MDBG dictionary
  • Manually link Chinese characters to the MDBG dictionary using a simple tag: [hanzi]汉字[/hanzi]
  • Convert pinyin tone numbers to tone marks using a simple tag: [pinyin]pin1 yin1[/pinyin]
  • Create links to a popup window with pronunciation audio files

Download the MDBG plugin for WordPress now!

Not sure how to install a WordPress plugin? Please read this tutorial.

WordPress plugins can only be installed if you run WordPress on your own server / hosting package (not on wordpress.com).

Blogs using this plugin

Please contact us if you installed this plugin in your blog so we can add it to this list.

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