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charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *裤* | 裤* | *裤
underpants / trousers / pants
trousers / pants / CL: 條|条
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *喘* | 喘* | *喘
to gasp / to pant / asthma
casual pants
hot pants
to pant / to gasp for breath
to breathe deeply / to pant
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *哮* | 哮* | *哮
pant / roar / bark (of animals)
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *喙* | 喙* | *喙
beak / snout / mouth / to pant
short pants / shorts
open pants (for infants before toilet training)
flared trousers / bell-bottomed pants
long underwear pants
pants fly is down / the barn door is open
to take off (trousers) / to drop one's pants
to pant / to gasp for breath
lit. heart like a frisky monkey, mind like a cantering horse (idiom); fig. capricious (derog.) / to have ants in one's pants / hyperactive / adventurous and uncontrollable
baggy pants / sagging pants
to piss in one's pants in terror (idiom); scared witless
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *裈* | 裈* | *裈
pants (old)
(of an animal) to pant / grand / majestic
to pant / to gasp for breath
variant of 褲子|裤子, trousers / pants
to pant / to gasp for breath
to pant heavily
loose-fitting pants / Chinese-style pants

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