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charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *国* | 国* | *国
surname Guo
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *国* | 国* | *国
country / nation / state / national / CL: 個|个
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *郭* | 郭* | *郭
surname Guo
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *郭* | 郭* | *郭
outer city wall
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *过* | 过* | *过
surname Guo
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *过* | 过* | *过
(experienced action marker) / to cross / to go over / to pass (time) / to celebrate (a holiday) / to live / to get along / excessively / too-
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *裹* | 裹* | *裹
to bind / to wrap / a bundle / a parcel
Guo mei or Gome electronics chain
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *果* | 果* | *果
fruit / result / resolute / indeed / if really
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *果* | 果* | *果
variant of / fruit
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *涡* | 涡* | *涡
name of a river
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *锅* | 锅* | *锅
pot / pan / boiler / CL: , 隻|只
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *蝈* | 蝈* | *蝈
small green cicada or frog (meaning unclear, possibly onom.) / see 蟈蟈|蝈蝈 long-horned grasshopper
Huang Guang'yu (1969-), PRC entrepreneur and millionaire, founder of Guo mei or Gome electronics 國美電器|国美电器
Guo Moruo (1892-1978), writer, communist party intellectual and cultural apparatchik
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *囯* | 囯* | *囯
variant of 國|国
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *猓* | 猓* | *猓
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *椁* | 椁* | *椁
outer coffin
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *粿* | 粿* | *粿
cooked rice for making cake
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *帼* | 帼* | *帼
cap worn by women / feminine
Guo Biao or GB, the standard PRC encoding, abbr. for 國家標準碼|国家标准码
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *埚* | 埚* | *埚
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *呙* | 呙* | *呙
surname Guo
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *虢* | 虢* | *虢
Guo, a kinship group whose members held dukedoms within the Zhou Dynasty realm, including Western Guo 西虢國|西虢国 and Eastern Guo 東虢國|东虢国 / surname Guo
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *腘* | 腘* | *腘
knee pit / popliteal fossa (medicine)
Collection of Yuefu Lyric Poems, compiled in 12th century by Guo Maoqian 郭茂倩
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *囻* | 囻* | *囻
old variant of 國|国
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *聒* | 聒* | *聒
raucous / clamor / unpleasantly noisy
Guo Biao or GB, the standard PRC encoding, abbr. for 國家標準碼|国家标准码
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *崞* | 崞* | *崞
name of a mountain
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *馃* | 馃* | *馃
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *馘* | 馘* | *馘
cut off the left ear of the slain
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *蜾* | 蜾* | *蜾
Eumenes pomiformis
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *啯* | 啯* | *啯
sound of swallowing / croak
Guo Yonghuai (1909-1968), Chinese aviation pioneer
Guo Xiaochuan (1919-1976), PRC communist poet, hero in the war with Japan, died after long persecution during Cultural Revolution
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *圀* | 圀* | *圀
old variant of 國|国
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *惈* | 惈* | *惈
courageous / resolute and daring
Guo Jingming (1983-), Chinese young-adult fiction writer and teen pop idol
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *囶* | 囶* | *囶
old variant of 國|国
Guo Quan, formerly Professor of Nanjing Normal University, sacked after founding New People's Party of China 中國新民黨|中国新民党
Guo Maoqian (11th-12th century), Song poetry collector, editor of Collection of yuefu lyric poems 樂府詩集|乐府诗集
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *輠* | 輠* | *輠
grease-pot under a cart
Guo Songdao or Kuo Sun-tao (1818-1891), China's first imperial commissioner (ambassador) to UK and France
Guo Jingjing (1981-), Chinese female diver and Olympic gold medalist
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *聝* | 聝* | *聝
cut off the left ear of the slain
lit. a short-cut to crush Guo (idiom); fig. to connive with sb to damage a third party, then turn on the partner
Guo Biao or GB, the standard PRC encoding, abbr. 國標碼|国标码
to obtain safe passage to conquer the State of Guo / to borrow the resources of an ally to attack a common enemy (idiom)

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