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car / automobile / bus / CL: 輛|辆
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *停* | 停* | *停
to stop / to halt / to park (a car)
BMW (car company)
to drive a car
to get off or out of (a bus, train, car etc)
traffic accident / car crash / CL: 場|场
Toyota or Toyoda (name) / Toyota, Japanese car make
auto race / cycle race / race car
enclosed carriage for carrying passengers / motor carriage / car or bus / limousine / CL: , 輛|辆
small vehicle (car, bicycle, cart etc)
Ford (name) / Ford, US car make
racing bicycle / sporting bicycle / sports car / logging truck / on the job (of a train conductor)
Nissan, Japanese car make / also transliterated 尼桑
taxi / (Taiwan) rental car
parking lot / car park
to get on or into (a bus, train, car etc)
power car / multiple-unit train (abbr. for 動車組|动车组)
car-free zone / pedestrian street
to take the car, bus, train etc
to confess one's crime / first model, version, kind etc (of gadgets, software, cars etc)
small model car / mini-car / small horse-cart / barrow / wheelbarrow / type of folk dance
Geely, Chinese car make
car show girl / model who poses next to cars
Porsche (car company)
Citroën (French car manufacturer)
bus / abbr. for 公共汽車|公共汽车 / car belonging to an organization and used by its members (government car, police car, company car etc) / abbr. for 公務用車|公务用车
protective or tinted film (for LCD screens, car windows etc) / facial mask (cosmetics)
Volvo (Swedish car company)
locomotive / train engine car / scooter (Tw) / (Taiwan slang) hard to get along with / a pain in the ass / damn! / crap!
Lincoln (name) / Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), US president 1861-1865 / Lincoln, US car make
car door / door of bus, railway carriage etc
travel time / expected time for a car journey
Jeep (car brand)
private car
to knock down and kill sb with a car / to run over sb / to run sb down
suitcase / baggage compartment / overhead bin / (car) trunk / boot
car window / window of vehicle (bus, train etc)
Jaguar (car brand)
lit. naked wedding / no-frills civil wedding ceremony lacking a material foundation: no car, house, reception, rings, or honeymoon
Reynolds (name) / Renault (French car company) / Reno, Nevada
to send to / to deliver to / to give sb a lift (e.g. in a car)
lit. car shaking / car sex
car-related business / car dealership / taxi company / (commercial) garage
to park (a vehicle) (loanword) / parking / parked car
Opel (car brand)
Jetta (car produced by Volkswagen)
compact car
Škoda, Czech Republic car manufacturer, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group
to tailgate / to hit the car ahead as a result of tailgating
trunk / boot (of a car)
to crash (into another car) / (fig.) (of opinions, schedules etc) to clash / (of subject matter) to be the same
compact car model
to repair a bike (car etc)
gear (of car etc)
to park (a car etc) / to moor (a boat etc) / to leave sth (in a place)
car allowance
hired car / chartered car
Polo (car made by Volkswagen) / surname Polo
to overtake (another car)
long queue / long line (of cars, people etc)
General Motors (car company)
signal light / car indicator
car roof
rally (car race) (loanword)
to ride (in a car or carriage) / to drive / to motor
cable car
to go (of car, train etc) / to drive off
(of a car, ship, train etc) to enter
MG Motor (car manufacturer)
BYD Auto, PRC car company
car festooned for celebration
classic car
armored car / CL: 輛|辆
privately-owned car
taxi / cab (PRC) / hire car (Tw) / CL: 輛|辆
drift (cornering technique in car racing, lit. to throw the tail)
traffic accident / car crash
bumper car
lead-acid accumulator / battery (e.g. in car)
to drop anchor / to break down (of a car etc)
compact car
convertible car / open car
dining car / diner
antipinch (e.g. preventing catching fingers in automatic car windows)
hanging basket (for flowers) / gondola (of cable car)
car factory
to wax (a car, floor etc)
car show / automobile expo
wagon / freight car
car bumper
number plate / car license plate / CL: 條|条, 塊|块,
car bomb
compact car
Accord (Honda brand Japanese car model)
(car, van) driver
car park
floor mat / bathroom mat / car mat / doormat
a currently widespread fraud in PRC involving deliberately crashing cars then demanding compensation
pedal (in a car, on a piano etc) / treadle / footstool / footrest / footboard
hopper car / wheelbarrow

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