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superiority / dominance / advantage
trend / tendency
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect   *势* | 势* | *势
power / influence / potential / momentum / tendency / trend / situation / conditions / outward appearance / sign / gesture / male genitals
circumstances / situation / terrain / CL: 個|个
strong / powerful / (linguistics) emphatic / intensive
power / (ability to) influence
imposing manner / loftiness / grandeur / energetic looks / vigor
posture / position
posture / situation
horoscope / one's fortune
growing trend
power / momentum / tendency / impetus / situation / the look of things
vulnerable / weak
situation / state (of affairs)
to be bound to / undoubtedly will
gesture / sign / signal
(military) offensive
to take advantage / to seize an opportunity / in passing / without taking extra trouble / conveniently
power / influence
condition of an injury
terrain / topography relief
fame and power / prestige / influence / impetus / momentum
(Western-style) horoscope
inferior / disadvantaged
rising trend / upward momentum (e.g. in prices)
an upturn / an upward trend
attitude / position (on an issue etc)
disadvantaged social groups (e.g. the handicapped) / the economically and politically marginalized / the dispossessed
circumstances require action (idiom); absolutely necessary / imperative
to wait for action after having accumulated power, energy etc
situation / circumstance
to predominate / to occupy a dominant position
battle array / disposition of forces / situation / circumstance
evil forces / criminals elements
general trend / irresistible trend
intensity of a fire / lively / flourishing
in grave difficulties / the situation is grim
might / power and influence
how well a crop (or plant) is growing / growth
to borrow sb's authority / to seize an opportunity
decline (in fortune)
aggressive / truculent / overbearing
to judge the hour and size up the situation / to take stock
to take advantage of the new situation (idiom) / to make the best of new opportunities
to seize the opportunity / to strike while the iron is hot
current situation / circumstances / current trend
topography of a mountain / features of a mountain
like a hot knife through butter (idiom) / with irresistible force
attitude / mindset / prejudice
to adopt an attitude / to strike a posture
to take advantage of a favorable situation / to seize an opportunity
to win power / to get authority / to become dominant
evenly matched adversaries (idiom)
(false) bravado / to bluff
potential energy
relying on force to bully others (idiom)
to be determined to win (idiom)
to curry favor (idiom); playing up to those in power / social climbing
posturing / pretentious / affected
Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva, the Great Strength Bodhisattva
electromotive force
situation / state
the two cannot exist together (idiom); irreconcilable differences / incompatible standpoints
to neuter / neutered
imposing / majestic
defensive position / guard
national strength / situation in a state
to be self-interested
marketing campaign
Time makes the man (idiom). The trend of events brings forth the hero.
influential figure / powerful person
degree of seriousness of an illness / patient's condition
reactionary forces (esp. in Marxist rhetoric)
to rely on power
a dog threatens based on master's power (idiom); to use one's position to bully others
army strength / military prowess or potential
wealth and influence
equilibrium of forces / balance of power
impossible to resist (idiom); an irresistible force
homeopathy (alternative medicine)
arrogant and overbearing
state of affairs
upward trend / rising tendency
gesture / posture
Dongshi or Tungshih township in Yunlin county 雲林縣|云林县, Taiwan
potential well (physics)
excuse me / to be sorry / (Taiwanese, POJ pr. [phái-sè])
influential family / powerful clan
style / manner
potential drop (elec.)
lively / full of vigor / vibrant / spirited
nuclear parity
nuclear potential
tendency / trend / path
to assume a fighting stance / (fig.) to take the offensive
to spread one's voice wide (idiom); wide publicity
lit. a force to smash bamboo (idiom); fig. irresistible force

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